Ukraine President Zelensky's Prayer:

“God sees everything and answers in such a way that you cannot hide.  There is no such a bunker, where you can hide from God’s answer.  Even if you destroy all our Ukrainian Cathedrals and Churches, you will not destroy our faith!  Our sincere faith in Ukraine and in God!”

Supporting Ukraine Now

Thanks to the support of our friends and churches, here are pictures of the work we are doing in Ukraine. Please continue to pray and give support for their much needed help! These pictures are from one church we are supporting. We are also supporting another church in a different area that needs help too.

Merry Christmas from the Philippines

Merry Christmas from the Philippines! In the Philippines they begin celebrating Christmas in November. It is a very fun and enjoyable season celebrating our Savior’s birth. We need your help as we are prepare to support the Christmas needs of our staff, as well as helping needy children in the area of our facility. We ask you to contribute to our Christmas budget right here on our website.

Go to our contributions section below where you can contribute with your debit or credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Help us put a smile on the faces of those who depend on us in the Philippines, as we depend on you.

Merry Christmas! – Dwain Griffin

Friends and Supporters

We have been working in Ukraine since 1989. We built the first private Christian orphanage after the fall of communist Russia. We began construction in 1992 and opened the doors in 1993.

Over the years, we have provided humanitarian aid through various projects. We have taken many medical teams to children’s hospitals, and many other children and youth programs. We have also taken American teachers for an English Summer School program. We operated our teaching program for 8 years at the request of the Ukrainian government.

This Fall we are starting our Feeding the Widows program with the help of several churches in Ternopil and Chortkiv. With the current war going on, this program will be even more timely and important.

Currently, Putin is methodically trying to destroy the freedoms of these beautiful, loving people. We need to hold them up in our prayers and support, and ask God to help David (Zelensky) defeat the Giant (Putin).

We are raising funds now to help the needs of our friends and contacts still in the country, as well as refugees. I will be making a trip to one of the bordering countries to purchase much needed supplies and take them to the border of Ukraine to give to those who will meet us there.

Please, your help is needed now! We accept all major credit cards. As always, your information is kept safe and secure.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dwain Griffin
President / CEO

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